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Cause of Alzheimer’s Found and it’s related to Simufilam

If you remember from biology class, all proteins in the human body (and in all other living things) are made of left handed amino acids.

Since tau deposits in the brain started becoming a focal point of Alzheimer disease research, a startling discovery had just been made: People with Alzheimer's have the unnatural right handed tau deposits in the brain! Those who don't, don't get Alzheimer's! And those who have the left handed tau deposits in the brain also don't get Alzheimer's. It's only those who have the abnormal right handed tau deposits that get the disease.

For more, check out this article: https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/medical-advances/583830-scientists-say-they-might-have-discovered-the

What does Simufilam have to do with this? It decreases tau deposits! Lowered levels of ptau-181 and total tau correlate with tau deposits in the brain. And simufilam is the only drug to decrease it to this significant of a degree. Other drug companies even tried to develop drugs that specifically targeted tau and they didn't work. But Simufilam does!

Image: ptau-181 levels and other biomarkers of AD. Measured independently by Quantiferix.

The misfolded protein Filamin A is what allows for tau hyperphosphorylation which in turn creates the right handed tau deposits. It's possible that this is the link of the mysterious misfolded protein that switches the left handed tau into the right handed tau.

Needless to say, companies focusing on combating amyloid beta to treat Alzheimer's are on the wrong track. They are targeting the wrong molecule. SAVA took the road less traveled. We will see how this all plays out in the ongoing Phase 3 trials.

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