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In Data We Trust

Pearl S. Buck, author of the classic, "The Good Earth", once said:

Our society must make it right and possible for old people not to fear the young or be deserted by them, for the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.

PTI-125 has been shown to be highly safe in mouse models at Yale and SAVA has also shown to be safe without any adverse reactions in humans. What is PTI-125? Oh, it's just another name for Simufilam, you know the same oral drug that SAVA is using to treat mild to moderate AD.

The CP and the Twitter PhDs throw plate after plate of spaghetti against the wall in spite of highly credentialed people (fellow PhDs and Neurologists and others) who continue to engage with them on Twitter and provide completely logical explanations to the alleged problems they see. In what appears to be a never ending battle in the public forum, the shorts make speculation after speculation, insinuation after insinuation, and claim after claim. They see a 6, when it is my opinion IMIC, SAVA, the NIH, and the Journal of Neuroscience are actually seeing a 9.

The only way this will be resolved is by trusting the arbiters of justice. They are not the Twitter PhDs (sorry guys), but the FDA, the NIH, and the various Journals. They will examine the evidence and make the final decision. The Twitter PhDs need to trust the system. And after they make a decision, whatever it is, show good form and accept their ruling. It is my expectation they will rule in the favor of SAVA. And it is my hope the Twitter PhDs and authors of the CP will show good form and stop claiming conspiracy and the existence of an intricate network of fraud. The Journal of Neuroscience is not incompetent nor are they engaging in fraud. We can trust the integrity of the data collected by IMIC and others. We can trust the integrity of the data examined by the NIH. We can especially trust it after they sent another 2M to SAVA. We can trust the integrity of the data provided by Dr. Wang. There is no long game of fraud going on here. This is not Theranos 2.0. In 2021, we trust data, not speculation. We especially trust data coming out of IMIC who has been involved in or is currently doing the clinical trials of AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, and Biogen. Is the reason they want me to believe that IMIC was willing to fudge the data for SAVA because it supports their short position? I think yes. Is the real objection to phase 3 because of Pure avarice at the expense of a vulnerable patient population, who every day are slipping away until they cease to be themselves anymore and forget the people, places, and things that once brought them joy? We know Simufilam is safe based on previous studies by Yale and SAVA. The SAVA haters also know this is true too. We must not let the CP authors or Twitter PhDs, both of whom are short SAVA, stand in the way between what is showing to be the most promising treatment of AD; this is the test of humanity to see if we will be champions for the helpless elderly AD population. This is deeply personal for me. My grandfather passed away with AD. It wore at my grandmother and all of my family members tremendously. She did everything she could to care for him, but eventually AD ravaged his mind to the point where he started to escape the house at 2AM and wander the streets half clothed. It broke her heart to put him into a memory care unit. It breaks mine to this day over everything that happened. But this wasn't my only experience with this horrific disease. I worked in a memory care unit during my college years. Every day a 62 year old patient named Jessica (names changed for privacy) would wander up and down the halls asking myself and other staff every 20 minutes, "Where is Juan?" Jessica would constantly go to the locked door and try and punch in random numbers in an effort to escape to find Juan. Once a day Juan would appear for 1-2 hours and Jessica's face would immediately brighten up and you could see it from across the room. Juan tenderly held her hand and would walk with her. Juan would share a meal with her and all was well with her in that moment. Juan truly loved Jessica and Jessica truly loved Juan, it was easy to see. But their love was shattered by this horrific disease. After Juan would leave, Jessica would start asking within 30 minutes, "Where is Juan?" I learned very quickly if I told her that he had already come for the day and he would be back tomorrow, that it would cause such terrible distress for her BECAUSE she couldn't remember that he had already visited her that day! So, out of concern for her well-being, I started to tell Jessica, "Juan will be here soon." My heart breaks for them and even now I'm crying as I recall how AD robbed my grandmother of my grandfather and robbed Juan of Jessica and Jessica of Juan. This is deeply personal for me and I care about the people ravaged by AD. And I am outraged at the Twitter PhDs and at QCM. As I continue to dig into their so called research, I continue to find issues with their findings and I have written about some of those issues already. When people start to try and materially benefit (get rich) and are using bad logic, bad assumptions, and bad insinuations that seek to deny AD patients and their loved ones a potential salvation from the living hell they are experiencing, there is only one logical conclusion: they cannot be trusted. Especially after we have seen them on Twitter engaging in what appears to be almost a witch hunt as they have rejected the findings of the Journal of Neuroscience. When the findings of the Journal of Neuroscience are not good enough for the Twitter PhDs, I must ask what will be? The FDA? The NIH? It seems like no authorative body is good enough unless it aligns with their opinion. When another journal declares there is no evidence of manipulation, will the Twitter PhDs continue to fight against the scientific community? Is their authority and knowledge greater than the experts actually in the field? At what point will they accept in the public forum the findings of the actual authorities? I hope I am wrong. I hope they will not abandon reason for madness. I will accept the findings of the actual authorities (the journals, the FDA, the NIH etc.). Will they? So far, the answer is no.


So, are the Twitter PhDs and the people behind the CP really trying to save AD patients from a potentially dangerous drug, even though Yale's researchers and SAVA are both saying the data says it is safe? I don't trust their motives. What could be the most promising and safe treatment for AD, as data so far suggests, should absolutely be allowed to proceed in its phase 3 trial. If the concern is that Remi and others are doing a scam here, then I would call upon SAVA to suspend all rewards to management until either a merger, non-dilutive partnership, or a successful phase 3. Again, I ask that SAVA's management aligns their financial reward with a successful phase 3, non-dilutive partnership, or merger. I ask this not because I mistrust Remi. I ask this because the shorts allege management is running a long con for financial gain, so Remi please take the burden of taking even higher moral ground than you have already and publicly refuse any rewards, except for your regular salary, until one of those three things above happen. I have invested in SAVA because I think it has a cure or effective treatment for AD and I intend to hold for many years. I publicly pledge I will not sell any of my position until either phase 3 is successful, a merger, or a non-dilutive cash infused partnerships are announced. If SAVA's management will do the same, it will virtuously devastate the already weak assertions of the shorts. I trust Remi and the rest of the team at SAVA. I don't ask these things because I don't trust them, I ask these things because it publicly undercuts one of the foundational claims of the CP and Twitter PhDs and it removes any doubt in the public forum.

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