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Opinion: Did QCM Pull a Brave Sir Robin on November 3, 2021?

Credit to Twitter User @Bullzzeyez for their investigatory prowess and for allowing www.sava-ad.com to share and expound upon their discovery. On November 2, 2021 QCM showed up on the scene with one of the most shocking tweets I have ever seen. When I saw it, I wondered if something of the magnitude of Enron was about to be exposed. Here is their "I am about to devastatingly sink someone's battleship" tweet:

And at 7:01 AM on November 3, 2021 QCM issued the following (remember this date and time because it is important)

Also at 9M EST the same day, the Twitter PhDs released their own Tweet:

But, if the letter presented below is to be believed, it appears that QCM secretly pulled a Brave Sir Robin and "bravely ran away". And it appears as though it was only disclosed via email to some people on Thursday November 4, 2021 that they exited their position on November 3. The letter below was not posted on Twitter where they announced their short position. Let me be very clear here, if what you see below is in fact real, they closed their position on the same day that they publicly announced it.

I cannot verify whether that letter is real or not. If it is, it is damning. Now it appears that QCM may have covered on November 3 at around a 55$/60$ average. Now ask yourself, why did they never mention this on Twitter and continued to issue their FUD pieces on SAVA? Did they secretly pull a Brave Sir Robin and bravely run away and leave the short retails traders holding the short bag? If QCM is so confident in their research and the research of the Twitter PhDs that it appears they colluded with (more on that below) why did they exit their short position?

If the letter listed above is in fact real, QCM used "preserving capital and avoiding risk" as their excuse for secretly "bravely running away" and exiting on the same day that they publicly announced they were short. If I were a short retail trader I would be outraged because I would feel bamboozled by QCM. Remember, QCM sounded the trumpet on November 2 by boldly declaring:

Tomorrow we are going hard against a company where greed has surpassed moral and legal limits. Corrupted executives will learn the hard way that, if you cheat, eventually we come and break the party. Expect undercover visits, convicted felons exposed, and plenty of hard evidence.

Wow QCM. Put your money where your mouth is. If the letter is real, you are not doing that. It is my opinion, If you actually believed the garbage you spewed (and I have debunked some of it already here and here), you would have held the line and maintained your short position. If QCM actually believed the "research" of the Twitter PhDs that QCM colluded with, QCM would maintain its short position. QCM please provide proof on Twitter that you have maintained your short position and I will delete this post. Actions speak louder than words. If the letter is in fact correct and QCM exited their position on the same day that they claimed they were going hard with PLENTY OF EVIDENCE it sure seems like the evidence QCM had wasn't strong enough for QCM to have the conviction to maintain their short position, even in the midst of market movement. As a long term investor, I buy and hold shares in companies I believe in and have thoroughly researched. That is conviction based on research. I put my money where my mouth is and I ignore short term market movements. I don't use stop losses, as that is merely pre-planned paperhanding. Likewise I don't use set sell orders at a certain price, because I am not a trader, I am a long term investor. I want to hold my investments for long term and that definitely means more than 1 day. If the above letter is true, QCM doesn't put their money where their mouth in. And if their own research isn't enough to convince them to maintain a short position, it seems like a major risk to the capital of short retail traders. Good luck short retail traders. Speaking of short retail investors, there appears to be a group of several Twitter PhDs, (They have been spoken about here and here) that may have colluded to release their "research" at the same time as QCM. Is it legal for two groups, with publicly stated short positions, to publicly announce their short research at the same time on the same day?

Did the Twitter PhDs get left holding the short end of the stick by QCM? Are short retail traders the cannon fodder while the general QCM -sits in a shaded pavilion enjoying a refreshing Italian gelato- and continues to tweet things that would lead a reasonable person on Twitter to believe they have maintained a short position? QCM, if the above letter is true, do the right thing and publicly announce it over Twitter like QCM publicly announced a short position over Twitter, If the above letter is true, don't leave the Twitter PhDs -that agreed to release their work with your work simultaneously at 9AM EST- holding the short bag without full disclosure over Twitter that QCM is no longer holding its short position. One of the Twitter PhDs tweeted this:

If the above letter from QCM is true, it would appear that QCM doesn't share enough conviction in the research of the Twitter PhDs to maintain QCM's short position. It is my opinion that QCM attempted a smash and grab operation and they bailed when they realized that it had failed. It is my opinion that QCM found and colluded with people with just enough education to be useful tools (cannon fodder), but not educated enough to actually understand the field they are attacking. Machiavelli's wisdom is ever applicable: "One who deceives will always find those will allow themselves to be deceived." It is my opinion that while QCM reported many factual things in their report, they twisted the facts with so much speculation, sensationalism, and insinuations as to leave the rational mind with one clear understanding - this is a departure from the truth. I cannot accept anything that QCM says on face value as it is my opinion I have discovered numerous instances where they have mangled truth. It is my opinion that the FUD of the Twitter PhDs is based on bad assumptions, bad logic, and bad/incomplete information. It is my opinion they have built their house on sand and as soon as QCM saw the tide rise and rain come, QCM bailed like Brave Sir Robin. It is my opinion, based on the evidence discovered by Twitter User @Bullzzeyez, that it appears they bravely fled from their short position on November 3, 2021. This post is my opinion. It is not medical advice. It is not investment advice.

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