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Opinion: Quintessential Capital Management's Insidious & Odious Character Insinuations Part 1

I'm going to introduce something that will make you wonder what it has to do with Cassava and a serious report issued by Quintessential Capital Management, but it relates very much so. Read on and you will see how this ties all together. Everyone has a past. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves another chance. Sometimes people need more than one chance. I would know, I work for a law enforcement agency. Justice without the promise of forgiveness, without the opportunity to be trusted once again, and without the prospect for another chance for reintegration into your family and into a workplace, well that justice is meaningless and cruel. People and organizations within society that practice meaningless and cruel justice are malicious in my opinion. In this post I will show how I believe Quintessential Capital Management (QCM) has essentially assassinated the character of a former Cassava employee, who may in her role as a Clinical Research Associate, have been responsible for many essential functions relating to Simufilam centered clinical trials. By writing what they did, I believe QMC is attempting to foment doubt regarding the people involved in previous clinical studies of Simufilam in an effort to suggest the drug may not be as safe or efficacious as the data presented by Cassava would suggest. In other words, I believe QCM is suggesting that people like Hilda may have fudged the data intentionally or through sheer negligence/incompetence. Before I dive into Hilda, the employee who suffered what I think can only be described as a potential character assassination, I want to tell you about Dave Dahl and some important statistics.

From Criminal Behavior to Breadmaking

In 1987 Dave Dahl burglarized a house. He later participated in an armed robbery. He also struggled with illegal drug use. For 15 years he was in and out of the system. But we know how his story ends, he eventually got his life together and now makes incredible tasting bread under the name of "Dave's Killer Bread". The bread is carried by major grocery store chains like Walmart. One third of Dave's employees are former convicts or have a criminal background. I share this story not to encourage you to eat bread, but to impress in your mind that Dave went from criminal to productive member of society. He was forgiven, trusted, and given an opportunity to rejoin his family and society. Would a scathing expose on Dave suggest that he cannot be trusted because once a criminal, always a criminal? Is cancel culture so rampart in our world that it is automatically appropriate to be suspicious of anyone who has a criminal background? Well, if you think you should be suspicious of anyone with a criminal background I have a truth that will surprise you. One out of four Americans have a criminal background. To put that in perspective, If I were to grab 400 random Americans and put them into a room we could safely say about 100 of them have a criminal background. Now let's dig into the "alarming" things QCM discovered about former Cassava employee Hilda.

Character Insinuations

QCM claims she may have plagiarized her resume. To which I say, some people are poor resume writers and so they find a resume that fits their experience and they will copy it. It's not malicious to do so. And even if her resume was copied or otherwise fudged, it is not uncommon. 78% of job applicants have fudged or outright lied on their resume. Statistically speaking 3/4 of the people reading this post are also guilty of this. I guess most of you reading this are unredeemable miscreants that shouldn't be trusted either, huh? (Sarcasm). Maybe all 3/4th of you also are incompetent at your jobs? Maybe all 3/4th of you are also willing to do fraudulently things on your job because hey you fudged some things on your resume? Yes, these are outrageous leaps of logic, but that seems to be what QCM is doing here with Hilda. Additionally, QCM claims her education may be fraudulent because they could not verify with the registrar's office that she was ever a student at the University of Texas. QCM admits in the footnotes that there is the possibility that she may have been registered under a different name. Based on what I have read from their report, it appears that they only checked under her current name. It is entirely plausible that Hilda attended the University of Texas under her maiden name or another alias. I don't know what Hilda did or didn't do in regards to her education, but it is my opinion that QCM is speculating. Moreover, I don't know how far back the University of Texas keeps their records. It is possible that Hilda attended at a time that records where primarily paper-based. And they may not have been transferred to a University database. And if her records originated from a paper-based time, it is incredibly easy for those to get misfiled and lost. No records system is foolproof. But we just don't know. As such, it is my opinion what QCM is implying here is just unfounded speculation. Lastly, QCM shows that Hilda has a criminal background and likely spent two years in prison for theft. Newsflash for QCM, most of know a former criminal or have one in our family. I have criminals in my family. They are people who made mistakes, but deserve another chance. The point of the justice system is not just to house people for a time, it is to help reform them so they can successfully re-integrate back into society and back into their families. But if society, employers, and their families never forgive, never forget, and never trust again how can they successfully re-integrate back in? They can't.

The Debt is Paid Completely

Hilda has already paid her debt to society through the American Justice System. No one is entitled to suggest she needs to keep paying in some form or another. It is my opinion that QCM is seemingly suggesting that her debt is actually never paid, she is under perpetually judgment and suspicion and that she cannot be trusted. And I believe the insinuation is that anything she touched at Cassava is now suspicious and possibly fraudulent. If this is what QCM is actually insinuating, I say that is outrageous speculation! Is QCM in fact insinuating, in a way, that she is perpetually prisoner 24601? Is once a criminal always a criminal the mantra at QCM? Again, I believe QCM is suggesting that because of her background, her role as a watchdog for Simufilam trials was inappropriate. Moreover, QCM seems to suggest that her serving as the watchdog may actually threaten the legitimacy of the Simufilam trials and explain the irregularities they claim are present. Does QCM have a better job to recommend or provide for Hilda that they would approve she is capable and trustworthy enough to do? If not, as Gandalf said to Grima I say to QCM concerning Hilda: "Be silent. Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth." We need to move past blame and shame and sensational insinuations. QCM may do well to watch Les Misérables and remember the absolute cruelty of Javert who tried to prevent Jean Valjean from experiencing redemption and the opportunity to be trusted to once again work in society. Is Hilda a modern Jean Valjean? Is QCM the modern reincarnation of cruel Javert? You decide for yourself. As for myself, I believe QCM has thrown a plate of spaghetti against the wall -when it comes to the people involved with Cassava- to see what sticks and to see if it will benefit their short position in Cassava.

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